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Join Barry Bradford in a round of Putt Panic Party! Tee off with up to three friends simultaneously for maximum fun! You have a limited time to aim your shot and the timer gets shorter every turn! It’s a party of putting with panic guaranteed. Bring your friends, select your characters and get ready to Putt Panic Party all night long with the world's greatest Putt Panic Party Player, Barry Bradford!


When the world's number one Putt Panic Party player comes to you and tells you he wants to make a game, there isn’t a game developer in the world that would have said no. I didn’t. I couldn’t. Even if I want to. TACS Games Ltd. needed a hit and a celebrity endorsement was a sure-fire way to do it. This is how Barry Bradford's Putt Panic Party came to be. The man himself, stood in my office, his pure putting power like a giant magnet of golf warping the very reality of the generic office carpet on which he stood. Half in this dimension and half in a dimension of pure putting. His face hung motionless for a moment and then, directly and without hesitation, uttered the words that would bind me for the next year and a half. Those words ring in my ears to this day. "Yeah, ok” he said. “Make the putting game." I was in disbelief. How could a tiny indie studio like TACS Games Ltd. have managed to pull this off. What was it that persuaded him to trust us to translate his physical person into the digital realm. “But,” He said, “there must be a robot in it and also there’s a bear that plays golf.” I told him it could be done. Papers were signed. Exclusive rights were ours, and we made a video game about putting. With a robot in it, also there’s a bear that plays golf. Am I a millionaire yet?


  • Six Colorful Characters
  • Party and Single modes.
  • Three difficulty settings.
  • Forward and reverse holes.
  • Four unique courses.
  • Loads of wacky hazards.


Announcement Trailer (EU) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (8MB)


About TACS Games

One man indie studio. Working on too many games. Released titles on Wii U™, XBOX ONE, Steam, PS4, Vita and Mobile.

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Barry Bradford's Putt Panic Party Credits

Thomas Hopper
Game, Development, Art, Level Design

Peter Silk

Dan Videogames
Voice Acting

Arton Rexhëbogaj
Character Illustrations

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